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Supported Contents

With the Calitunes Ads network, you can get your media contents such as Songs, Audios, Videos, Podcasts, Comedy skit, Movies, etc published accross thousands of blogs all over the world within minutes.


We support Audio content sponsoring including podcast.


We also support event sponsoring (Coming soon).


New To Calitunes?

Calitunes is a music/video streaming platform, it allows anyone to upload contents, such as music, videos, podcasts, etc. Calitunes recently introduced an Ad Network, where user's can easily promote their media contents automatically on other blogs and bloggers can earn money by installing the Calitunes Ad plugin for WordPress. The plugin automatically gets contents promoted by Calitunes users, such as musics and videos and published on the blogs. You earn money for every content the plugin publish on your blog, we keep track of that.

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Download Plugin for WordPress

The Calitunes_X_Ads plugin is currently available on only wordpress framework, we are working hard to make sure it supports all platforms and frameworks.